Casting Off

December 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

Jettison. It sounds like a hollywood baby name or a household disinfectant but the roots of the word actually go back to a time when practicality was key and cleanliness was more or less unsophisticated. The term can be traced back to the 1400’s, and it refers to the act of throwing goods or other materials overboard in order to lighten and stabilize¬†a vessel.

That said, let’s return to the remaining days of 2010.

I live and work in suburban Philadelphia and for the past year and a half have shared a 800 sq. ft. one bedroom apartment with my fiance. As we both work full time and maintain what I ¬†classify as a very full recreational agenda outside of that, organizing is not our strong suit. We’ve accumulated a lot of things in that period of time that I feel are keep us from getting organized: old clothing, knickknacks, an array of media including magazines, books, dvds, cookware, old college papers and god knows what else. As Evan and I plan our wedding and look to move to a larger abode we must also consider the items that both our families were kind enough to store in our childhood rooms. The small sentimental items are worth saving: photos, letters, high school trophies and toys. But they’re in a sea of unused items and junk. A decided burden, these items are in constant contention when we visit our respective families, bogging down our homes, our minds, our conversations and our relationships. I’m fed up.

This year, I declare my year to jettison. For every day in 2011 I will discard one item, paying it homage by sharing a photo, perhaps a story about it and my reason and method for getting rid of it. And hopefully by 2012, my vessel will be 365 items lighter and better equipped to navigate through the world.


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