Party Like it’s 1999

January 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

New Years Eve Garb, circa 1999Harking back to past New Years eve parties, I found this little number that I wore to ring in 1999. I’m shocked to realize that means I’ve owned this garment for half my life. Tried on, it covers less than half as much as it should.

I bought it in the remaining days of 1998 at the local mall with Emily. She, being my only female cousin and several years older, was a good influence on me. She introduced me to the finer points and privileges of being female, as I was always happy enough just being one of the guys. We always dressed up for the family New Year party my parents would host at their house in Lancaster, Pa. I remember being difficult in all my preteen angst this particular shopping trip. I did not want to wear anything special that year. Then this top was spotted in our quest for compromise–to be worn with black pants. We each bought one.

I’m ashamed to report that I sported this camisole with bell-bottomed pleather pants. Evidence of it exists somewhere in a box of photos, captured in an annual posed New Year shot taken beside my father’s Wurlitzer 1015.

Since leopard print is popping up again in retail, I will attempt to sell it to consignment this week. Alternately, it will be donated to Goodwill.


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