Pauly Shore or Stoney Cooper?

January 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

If my suburban youth was ever in question, what I yanked out of my old closet over the weekend could lay any query to rest. I purchased this item in a misguided attempt to join the early 2000’s trend that Ashton Kutcher and other celebrities helped to popularize. My only defense is that this particular “trucker hat” was purchased at a reduced price during an after Christmas sale.

One can only guess at to what this fictitious Los Angeles business were referring. My first thought goes right along with the favorite past-time of Pauly Shore’s character in Encino Man. I’ve never been the type to lie on the couch all day eating ho-ho’s (or dig up cavemen in my backyard) so this connotation alone would be enough to throw the hat in the trash.

But hoping to save the hat for future wearers who may come across it in a thrift store for purchase, “Stony” may also refer to Stoney Cooper, a country star who performed with wife Wilma Lee in the late 50’s and early 60’s. He did record under Decca but I highly doubt he ever worked in an L.A. vintage record store. Not being a fan of country music myself, the connection wouldn’t be enough to warrant keeping the hat in my possession.

I will be donating this hat to Goodwill with the hope that the next owner can appreciate either the former trend, the reference or even simpler yet, some shade on a sunny day.



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