A Lasso of Truth

January 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

What do you get when you cross futurism with a country western spirit?

Probably this.

When I acquired this, perchance I had this accessory item confused with something more spectacular than a stiff and crinkly metallic belt? Maybe metal braided sleeving for those easily cut television cables? Better yet, a lasso of truth like Wonder Woman to snare the liars in life. Unfortunately this pleather little tie around belt yeilds no such powers other than the forthcoming truth that this belt is a fashion faux pas.

Yes, I got it for 99 cents four or more years ago at a Wet Seal store. Like my trucker hat from yesterday, this impulse buy will meet a similar fate.

Though this blog is turning into a rehashing of worn out fads and a commentary on pop culture, I won’t pretend to be “fashionable.” However, I do attempt once in a while to consult those who have that inimitable fashion sense.  Samm’s blogspot seems to suggest that tassels are making a comeback in the new year–at least in Europe. I am an American citizen and I know the Western remake True Grit came in at #2 in the box office this weekend but forgive me when I say I would be happy if tassels were only seen on the gloves of Harley riders, our modern day cowboys.  I’ll happily defer to the more qualified opinon, Samm, but this belt won’t be donned by me again.


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