Just Off the Shoulder

January 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

Off the shoulder, and my favorite colour, this Delia’s knit is adorable, no? Maybe the reason I haven’t donated this top is because it conjures up so many bad memories. I wore it on a terrible first (and last) date with one of the cutest guys in school. I wore it the day I was handed back my first (and only) D-graded test. And I wore it on a really ill-fated shopping trip (in which mid-way through I came down with the stomach flu). Perhaps I will have more luck in the future without this top hanging around my apartment?

But speaking of compromising situations, is it just me or is life just full of a never-ending series of embarrassing moments? As I approach my twenty-fifth birthday, I really am starting to think it is ‘just me.’ Maybe I just take myself a little too seriously when it comes to things I care about? After years of attempting to ‘laugh things off,’ avoiding any situation that I could appear immodest, is what I’m laughing off my self-trust?

Assertiveness, I’m finding, is essential in anyone who wants to spur any sort of change. Is it something that you can learn? Or are you just stuck with what your born with?

If you think you might have an answer, please post your thoughts below.


§ 2 Responses to Just Off the Shoulder

  • Dedric says:

    Well, I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but as a former shy, wouldn’t stand up for himself geek to a proud, take on all comers geek, I think that assertiveness can definitely be learned. Though what makes it I can’t say. Just force of will I suppose.

  • Silvernfire says:

    I’ve never set out to change myself into an assertive person, but it must be a skill you can develop with age and experience, because I’m taking charge and trying to change things much more than when I was younger. Another 20 years or so, and I should be a natural at it. So there’s hope!

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