Not Your Mother’s Mixer

January 19, 2011 § 3 Comments

I don’t know what it is about saving the boxes from household appliances. It always seems like a good idea. Thoughts such as, “What if I have to return it? ” or “I might want the box when I move” pervade the mind that is already overexcited about having a new product in the home. The thing is, if the appliance is still in your house, chances are you’ll never return it. And if you move, you’re probably going to be using non-specific boxes anyway. Who has the time and discipline to pack up their items so methodically when approaching a move? If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re not that person either.

By the way, I love this Black and Decker hand mixer. Sleek in shape and black in shade, it comes in its own self-contained case–it’s not your mother’s hand mixer. As a woman who fully supports my gender’s liberation but also enjoys cooking from time to time, I can fully appreciate a kitchen tool that feels more like a power tool when you use it. Very sexy.

I’m keeping the appliance but getting rid of the ridiculously extraneous box.

If what you crave is empty boxes, apparently you can order a high-end version.


§ 3 Responses to Not Your Mother’s Mixer

  • katherinef12 says:

    Yes. These and gift boxes as well. You know, the ones that you now have to buy if you buy a Christmas gift at Old Navy? My grandmother has a 12ft space in her attic dedicated to saving these boxes, and the majority of them are from department stores that no longer exist…Hecht’s, Filene’s Basement, Woolworth’s, and even Pomeroy’s. I’m glad mine is not the only family raised to hoard boxes.

  • harmamae says:

    Yet it always seems to happen that when I need a box at my house, I can’t find any! Or, I can find boxes that are either too big or too small.

  • […] led me to the blog Jettison 2011. I was happily reading along when I got to the day that the author talks about tossing out the box that her new mixer came in. “Who has the time and discipline to pack up their items so methodically when approaching a […]

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