On Contact

January 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Even though Philadelphia got dumped with another few inches of snow early this morning, I’m experiencing some serious eye allergies. It may be due to my contact lenses or dust in the air at the office, but whatever it is, it makes me want to clean! So as my contacts soak in my Clear Care solution, I’m going to get rid of another thing (or two) that clutter my bathroom cabinets.

I’ve kept my contact lens packaging since I got the new ones over a year ago. Why, you ask? The only reason I can think of is just to have record of the brand and prescription I am  currently wearing.

So my prescription is written down and these little cases are in the trash.

Speaking of discomfort, can you imagine what the first contact lenses must have felt like? They were made out of blown glass. Ew. Formerly a contact lens trainer, I am probably the least squeamish when it comes to inserting foreign objects into  my eye. I just don’t know who would be crazy enough to be the first person in history to willingly insert glass into his or her eye. That said, I’m glad they did. Otheriwise, being a bad lasik candidate myself, I would be sequestered to glasses for the rest of my days. Kudos to you, German glassblower, F.E. Muller, who produced the first eye covering to be seen through and tolerated. You were a visionary, and quite a fastidious fellow.


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