The Land of Misfit Socks: Goldie Socks

January 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Commence the week where I explore the land of misfit socks. That’s right, I know you’ve all experienced the sheer and utter misery of losing socks through the laundry. My family never believed in the sock troll and for many years we have collectively fostered the theory that if a sock comes out without a mate, it never went in with one. With the change of washing and drying appliances, I’ve come to the realization that is not altogether true, but that’s beside the point. The lonely misfit socks, poor dears, were always thrown into the mismatch bag, some never to find their mate again. I recently went through one of these bags that had over the years grown quite large. Surprising, I found many, many matches. Some, in their old age had begun to lose their elasticity, others had been stained in various sports, yellowed to oblivion, and others were just simply not salvageable and lonely. This week, in celebration of one month of a post-a-day, commemorates those socks in the purely sports category. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m quite literally airing out my dirty laundry.

Poor Goldie Socks was once a much sought after sock. Who’s to say when she lost her mate or how but now she’s alone. What clinches it is I’ve since stopped wearing any other sport sock that isn’t below the ankle bone. She’ll be walking the plank unless anyone would like to make a sock puppet. Any takers?



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