John Socke

January 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

Reflecting on the last month as I stare at this mass of useless socks, I can’t help but be reminded of what our old friend John Locke had to say about property: unused property is waste and an offense against nature. Those are some pretty serious accusations. But perhaps it is this accusation in our western culture that makes us afraid to get rid of any salvageable item in our consumerist homes. God forbid we make an offense against nature. When merging these two topics, I have to say, even as an environmentalist, that sometimes for our own mental health we have to fight against human nature, our predisposition to amass objects. So, lonely sock, I dub thee John Socke. Reminding us to be mindful of what we consume, lest we waste.


§ One Response to John Socke

  • starbear says:

    What would John do? Recycle it, paint/sew a face on it, give it (them) to a school for kids to make Socke Locke puppets. Or Heaven forbid! Wear mismatched socks daily for a week and see what kind of comment people make… LOL.
    I swear there are sock elves who live in clothes dryers, always creating single soulful socks. Do socks get divorced and send their mates to the elves?

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