Sock ’em Boppers

January 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

This nasty, stained sock is unmistakably from my days of dancing at Carol’s Academy of Dance. Dancing in my socks on the bare floor for hours every week, I don’t know what I expected. What happened to the other, I’ll never know. But honestly, would it wouldn’t matter anyway? They’re rotten.

Speaking of socks and activities, do you remember Sock’em Boppers by Big Time Toys? I’ll never quite get that little jingle out of my head!

Clearly, it was genius that thought of that little product. It probably cost a few cents each to produce, making a 98% profit. What kids are getting is a wonderful excuse to beat each other up. Did I have a pair? Nope. I was always too old-school for that. As the youngest of three by eight and ten years, and the only girl, I was often at the mercy of my devoted and at times violent older brothers. I wanted my punches, slaps and clawing to hurt.


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