An Empty Wallet

January 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

Well, fellow post-a-dayers, we officially completed one full month. What will you do to celebrate?

Since it’s a monday night I think I’ll refrain from any wild benders. As my area prepares to get hit with yet another snow/ice storm, the cold air outside, and the endorphins from my weightlifting class set in, my mind is getting quiet. I will celebrate by reflecting on the month behind me and the month to come. On the Daily Post at, Erica Johnson asks, “How’s your post a day/post a week progress coming along?” What a question!

Honestly, I feel like I’m really starting to make headway with my clutter and I’m so happy that I have 31 posts (not including post #1) to show for my efforts. I often feel like this open space is the highlight of these bleak winter days–an opportunity to create, to share, to put whatever comes to mind on a page and send it to my friends, family, fellow bloggers and beyond. Thanks for holding me accountable–knowing you’re there keeps me pushing down these tired keys.

Today I will discard another item from my preteendom–a wallet that I can’t say ever held much money.

It’s from a time when carrying around any sort of ID or club card made me feel sophisticated, excited to take on more responsibility. Many years later, my wallet is full of things I wish I didn’t have to carry around, heavy with obligation. I guess that’s just an inevitability. Most children never listen to their parents when they say, “don’t grow up too fast because you’ll miss your youth when you’re older.” And when you grow up, you remember those words fondly and think, I wish I had listened. But that’s the thing about listening. I’m beginning to realize that you can listen all of your life, but it’ll never be the same as actively learning by experience. Words can cause you to take heed, to apply, to guide your decisions and then carefully examine your efforts, your failures and triumphs.

But as I reflect, I can see how sad a wallet devoid of any identification can be. I think it’s a very human thing to crave these little pieces of society because we desire to be validated. Yes, what often seems as a burden in our wallets, pockets and purses can also be a great thing–to join part of a worthy conglomerate. Like my weightlifting class, it requires focus, stability and discipline to join. And every once in a while, on days like today, I find it very difficult to muster all three, fighting the urge to run the other way.

So if you’ve made it this far, fellow bloggers, I congratulate you. And if you ran away, then I congratulate you too. There are all sorts of perspectives and it takes many different types of courage to sustain those perspective journeys and to grow.



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