Toodeloo, Minnie Yoo Hoo

February 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

Polka dots became fashionable right around the time heyday of polka dance. The fabric pattern always reminds me of Disney’s Minnie Mouse. I had a brief obsession with Minnie as a 3-year-old. The character was on my bedding, I dressed up as her for Halloween and my parents often played a version of the Minnie Yoo Hoo to watch and dance to.

This unmentionable may be pink and polkadotted but that’s about all the harks back to the days of childhood innocence. Toodeloo, Minnie Yoo Hoo.


§ One Response to Toodeloo, Minnie Yoo Hoo

  • pictfamily says:

    hi there Sarah, I was interested in your comments about blogging, and thought I’d come over to take a look. Well done on the jettisoning, I may take your idea on too, de-cluttering is one of my regular themes, although I’m somewhat hampered by my hoarding tendencies 8o)

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