“A Turtleneck? Really?”

February 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Honestly, one of the reasons I’m getting rid of this top is the fact that I would never have anywhere to wear it. Even if I did, I would probably elect to wear something more conservative. Is it terrible that I’m less and less willing to show off my skin?

It’s not because I’m not in pretty good shape or feel bad about my body, it’s simply that I’d rather not get any attention in that department. Going out with friends a few weekends ago, I was wearing some clothes that I would’ve described as young, professional garments that were close-fitting and sleek. While at a club a nice gentleman leaned over and asked, “A turtleneck? Really?” It dawned on me that I’ve been hiding myself away and I don’t really know why.

Then I realized that I’m entering that time in my young professional life that I want to be respected and noticed for my talents not my ability to pull off a super tight pencil skirt or a plunging neckline. But really, the dude was right at the club, no one is going to respect your intellect in such an establishment. When he said that, whoever he was, I felt old(mature) for the first time in my life. As I approach my quarter century birthday, don’t know if that’s okay to feel right now. Is it ever okay to feel old?


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